Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disobedient Neurons

For any who might be wondering...

-NO, I haven't done my laundry yet. Bite me.
-YES, I am almost entirely out of food, but I'm sure I can survive on pancakes and oatmeal. I will find a way to the grocery store eventually.
-NO, I haven't been very social lately. Wanna know why? I'm not social!
-Also, I have not received my textbook in the mail, no I don't know which mailbox is mine yet, that extra money I spent was on nail polish, and the coat I like is this one but I'm still open to suggestions.


And the reasons for most of these? My brain's on vacation. I've sunken into this odd mindset of being capable of doing one responsible thing per day. For example: I wrote out a daily schedule for my homework. I told myself that I would stick to this and I'm going to be a responsible little nerd and get all of my late work done so that I can actually focus on the homework that's due this week. And then I was all warm and glowy from this responsible making of the schedule, and my brain decided that was enough for the day.

Or like yesterday, I sat down to do my design homework. I put in my headphones to keep me focused (and then proceeded to watch old Stargate SG-1 episodes for a couple hours), then got out my art supplies and cut paper to the right size for my project. And I was like, "The paper is the right size now! Woohoo!" And my brain was like, "Yeah, I'm done."

So it took a coffee break. Until this morning.

If anybody still reads this blog and knows anything about getting my neurons to function against their will, please help?

P.S. You know that design project? It's due today. Ha ha haaa....*facepalm*

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy School Year (sorta)!

Actually, school started a couple weeks ago but I was too lazy to write anything. I am now in my second semester of college! Whoo! My classes this semester are English Lit, Art History, Design 2, Drawing 2, and Color and Concept Development. Yeah. Four art classes, and no math. Somehow, even with my total inability to comprehend numbers, I think a math may have been easier.

I'm realizing that one of the things I like most about college is the professors. Not just their teaching styles, but that they have really vibrant personalities. To get this across, I shall do some impersonations. Some of these are less impersonations than they are straight up quotes.

-English: "So by a count of hands, who thinks the main character got what he deserved? Who thinks he didn't? Who doesn't give a shit?" People actually raised their hands on the last one. xP

-Art History: "A fetish object is something that a person gives power to. I could carry this mint around in my pocket for good luck and be like that guy from Lord of the Rings with My Preciou-" *cracksmash* "Oops, I dropped it."

-Design: *gives an hour and a half long demonstration on how to mix water with gouache*

-Drawing: "But where is your mind? If I smash open your head, will I find one? How does the weight of the second floor get down to the first floor? Can you see the energy? Then how do you know it's there?"

-Colors: "Colors aren't real. You see, if I put this this piece of paper on top of that one, it changes. And if I put the same color on top of another one, it changes again. And if I put a darker one underneath the bottom one, it gives the illusion of space. Okay?" Meanwhile, the students' minds are doing backflips trying to figure out why this works.

Sometimes I think that English and Colors are more like Psychology classes, and Drawing is more like Physics. I'm pretty sure that what I'm paying these people to do at this point is to tie my brain into knots every Thursday. I don't know what's real after my Drawing class. It's like the freaking Matrix. o.o

In addition to that, there's my dorm. Somehow I lucked out and the only room that was available to me this semester was a single. This means that when the roommates are loud, I can close my door and read in peace. It also means that I have privacy, lots more space to do things and not feel claustrophobic in, and nobody is telling me that I'm a dirty, lazy person who brings food into her room and leaves it there. Please to kindly ignore the two-day old cheese on my desk.

My roommates are nice, which is a big improvement over last semester when half of them ignored me and the other half yelled at me because there was fuzz on the carpet. They're loud and frequently (if not daily) invite friends over and then become even louder, but this is not as much of a problem because I have a door.

Precious door.

...my preeecious.