Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hullo! It's been a while. More than a year, actually, but I'm pretty sure that nobody read this blog to begin with so that's okay. It was always more for me than for other people. I wandered off because I had things going on, and when I have things going on my first instinct is to push people away completely. People are nice every once in a while, but interacting with anyone causes me stress, which was the last thing I needed for a very long time. But now I'm back, and I've changed some things. I shall use bullet points to list them.

  • Spiffy new layout! :D It's all nice and streamlined, and a pretty color of blue, and the text looks like handwriting. How cool is that? Not my handwriting of course. I write in illegibly swirly cursive.
  • New profile icon! My old one was a doodle of myself with mouse ears, which only made sense if you knew my high school nickname. No one has used it since, and so I have replaced the doodle with a pretty flower! No joke, I did an image search for "pretty flower". That's what I got.

Yeah. Two bullet points. That's how I roll. I have obviously changed too in the last year, but I won't bother listing the ways. Just suffice to say that I will (hopefully) not write as if I'm hyped up on sugar anymore and the things I write about will be more interesting than being surprised that it snowed (in the middle of New York! Go figure!). There are a few things of note, though, and I'll use more bullet points for those.

  • I no longer live in New York. No, I didn't graduate. I was a semester away from my two year art degree, but everything I didn't like about being there hit me all at once. My professors formed cliques that they kept students locked into ("You want to take Professor C instead of B, D, or E? Too bad! I'm not friends with them"), the head of the art department seemed determined to keep me around for no real reason, I HATED having five roommates at once, not to mention the constant partying and loud music they insisted on, and the weather was depressing. I didn't drop out of school, I'm just going to a tech school at home instead.
  • I'm switching majors! Yes, I know. One semester away from an art degree, but you know what? I'm not going to put myself through three more months of that stress. It isn't worth it. It was tearing me apart and no degree is worth sacrificing my mental stability. I'll probably do something along the lines of marketing or entrepreneurship or something. I have a skill that I can work with and that I have already seen a demand for. More to the point, it makes me happy. More on that later.
  • Oh, let's see...I have an Xbox, I live with my parents, I don't want to live with my parents, I had my wisdom teeth removed, I need braces, my dog died, I got a job, I hate my job, I intend to quit my job because I'm being paid under the table, I have 64 different colors of nail polish, I made a Medieval kingdom in The Sims 2, I want Skyrim (wantwantwant), grain makes me feel sick, I have a tan because I went to the pool, my brother gave me his old fountain pen because he doesn't use it, my dad turned me into an Alien fan, I turned him into a Mass Effect fan, my brother likes watching sci fi (when the heck did that happen?), I learned to cook, I'm actually pretty good at cooking, I bought a mint plant that makes my room smell nice, etc. My life is all interesting and whatnot. Did I cover everything?

Alright, so what made me go back and revive a blog that nobody reads? Honestly, I really hate using Facebook and Twitter. First of all, I like to explain things and tell stories and neither of those let me do that, and secondly everybody I know uses Facebook. That's great for when I want to see if anyone has something interesting going on, but frankly most of the time I don't want everyone I know to know everything I've done lately. I like privacy and personal space. I do not want my idiot ex boyfriend from high school commenting on my new recipe for brussels sprouts. It's unnecessary and it makes me uncomfortable. People cannot plug in my name and automatically find this blog, at least not as easily as they can with Facebook. Heck, most people don't even know I have a blog, which I am perfectly content with. With this, I can post an interesting story or something that's been on my mind for a while and not worry about someone I forgot I knew saying "Absolutely! This is true because (insert sappy Bible quote)." I can choose who looks at this. Either very close friends or total strangers who stumble onto it through google. The former I suppose could be honored that I want to share my boring life stories with them. The latter I don't much care either way about because they don't know who I am. I guess they think I'm interesting? Hurrah?

Anyway, there's my rant. I'm back. Not much else to say.