Saturday, August 7, 2010

An Ordinary Day

Hunter and I woke up early today to make venison jerky for the trip up to a cabin in a couple days. My mom yelled at us because she thought we'd been up all night and was convinced we were lying. We mixed up the marinade for the jerky while fending off the cat, who liked the smell of venison but wouldn't eat the scrap I gave him. I took a nap after that.

A little bit after I woke up, we took the pets to be boarded for the trip. One of the people there was neurotic and shouted whatever she said. I don't think either of the pets or I will like her. Too loud. The other person there offered Hunter a job. He'll probably take it. After we left the boarding place, we went to Big Lots to look for floaty things to play with in the water. We didn't find any because they'd replaced it all with school supplies. The make up selection there was crap, but I did get a soda. My mom still wanted to look for floaty things, so we went to Walgreen's. I stayed in the make up isle and looked at the nail polish, but the colors I liked were too expensive (7 bucks for Sally Hansen? Seriously?). As they were leaving, I found a nice selection of cheaper ones, including a nice duochrome blue. They walked out without telling me, and I had to run after them.

At 4:00, Hunter took out the strips of marinated venison and set them out on racks. I didn't do it because I can't stand touching raw meat. Once it was quiet again, I turned on the TV and started watching Pride & Prejudice. At some point, I had the random urge to go outside. I took a walk down to the end of the street and found that the grassy area was all covered in caterpillars. I watched them for a while, then I went back. On the way back, I realized that walking on asphalt with bare feet is not the most comfortable thing in the world.

Once I was back, I walked around on the soft, smooth tile in the kitchen. I wanted to keep watching my movie, but Hunter had changed the channel. I went upstairs to my room, and Mom yelled at me to do something. I couldn't understand her very well, but at this point I didn't care what she was saying so I ignored her.

Now it's 6:00 and she's calling me again. Probably for dinner. Dinner is plain pasta with a few meatballs, which is hardly ever satisfying. Meanwhile, the house is filling up with the smell of the jerky that is getting harder and harder not to eat.

Yay, life.