Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here comes the sun! (do do doo do)

After a blurry, grey, and mostly uneventful semester, it is finally sunny! Before last week it rained for about 20 days straight. And then there was SUN. And it was WARM. And you could tell just by looking at the people because everybody was like "OMIGOSHALIGHTSOURCE!" and I was like "SQUEEHUZZAHALIGHTSOURCE!" and all the plants were like "Hooray!" and so they're green now. Except for the flowers. They come in other colors. And speaking of flowers, a random field of dandelions decided to spring up within view of my window, so when I wake up, the first thing I see is a field of flowers. Cool or what?

And now that it's all nice and springy, I get to go home! Cue happy dance. Home to the place where it is warm, and there are snuggly pets, and no homework for months. Unfortunately, home requires packing. So that's what I'm doing now. Packing. And then I get to go finish my last homework assignment, and say bye to the single friend I have up here, then it's off to the 14 hour road trip with my dad. I really can't wait. All this packing and studying is making me really tired.

I have a ton of plans for what to do over the summer. I'm gonna get a job, for one thing. There's this nice tea shop/cafe that I'm looking at. It seems fun. I'm also going to get a shop on Etsy and start selling some jewelries for extra money. And I'm going to play Rift! And I'm going to write stories! But right now, I just want to sleep. The first thing I do when I get back is grab the nearest cat, hug it against its will, and possibly use it as a pillow for a very long nap. I could try to do this with Kuma, but a 120 pound dog is slightly less portable than a 5-10 pound cat. I am aware that they have sharp parts, but frankly I'm too tired right now to care. Maybe I'll be lucky and my parents will have gotten SoftPaws or something.