Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lotsa Reds

This summer, I suddenly fell in love with nail polish and lipstick. I have no idea why it popped up like this, but I think it's here to stay. Nail polish was first.

I think, actually, this love of having pretty colors on my nails started with those fake things I had. Sure, I couldn't do much with my hands while I wore them, but they were long, colorful, and pretty. And now that the damage from getting the things has finally grown out, go figure that my nails are long and pretty. So I needed colors.

And that's when I discovered that the only nail polish I knew I owned was a pink that had gotten so thick it was annoying, and the materials to give myself a French manicure (which I suck at doing, by the way. Even with the stickers). This lead me to go searching...into the closet. Specifically, my mom's closet because I know there's a ton of old make up lurking in there.

And that's where I found this beauty:

Cherries in the Snow. The name could not be more fitting. It is literally cherry red, in all the brights and darks. We bought cherries not long after I found this, and I confused my fingers for the fruit. Seriously cherry red.

At that point, I was satisfied on the nail polish front, but I still wanted lipstick. I'd gotten it into my head that for whatever reason, I needed something bright. Maybe it's because I'm sick of being shy or something, or because I swoon for the classiness in those photos of old movie stars with the wavy hair, and the pale skin, and the bright red lipstick.

Fast forward a week. I'm sick of red. I want blue. I've been tagging along on every trip to anywhere that sells nail polish and sneaking off to the make up section to look for it. On one such trip to the make up section, I passed the Revlon area. Because I am spontaneously in love with all things Revlon as well (Don't ask. No clue.), I stopped to look at the lipsticks.

LO AND BEHOLD! I found this:
Cherries in the Snow. It has a lipstick. I begged. It was bought. I tried it on in the car. This is red. Holy fairies of lipstick, this is RED. It's red, and fuchsia, and oh so bright. It's perfect. As long as Revlon makes this, I will never want another lipstick.

Did I mention that it looks awesome on me? It does. No photos for now though, because it's in the other room and I have a kitten on my lap. Just suffice to say, I look good in red.

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