Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disobedient Neurons

For any who might be wondering...

-NO, I haven't done my laundry yet. Bite me.
-YES, I am almost entirely out of food, but I'm sure I can survive on pancakes and oatmeal. I will find a way to the grocery store eventually.
-NO, I haven't been very social lately. Wanna know why? I'm not social!
-Also, I have not received my textbook in the mail, no I don't know which mailbox is mine yet, that extra money I spent was on nail polish, and the coat I like is this one but I'm still open to suggestions.


And the reasons for most of these? My brain's on vacation. I've sunken into this odd mindset of being capable of doing one responsible thing per day. For example: I wrote out a daily schedule for my homework. I told myself that I would stick to this and I'm going to be a responsible little nerd and get all of my late work done so that I can actually focus on the homework that's due this week. And then I was all warm and glowy from this responsible making of the schedule, and my brain decided that was enough for the day.

Or like yesterday, I sat down to do my design homework. I put in my headphones to keep me focused (and then proceeded to watch old Stargate SG-1 episodes for a couple hours), then got out my art supplies and cut paper to the right size for my project. And I was like, "The paper is the right size now! Woohoo!" And my brain was like, "Yeah, I'm done."

So it took a coffee break. Until this morning.

If anybody still reads this blog and knows anything about getting my neurons to function against their will, please help?

P.S. You know that design project? It's due today. Ha ha haaa....*facepalm*

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