Sunday, October 26, 2008

idk, my bff spacegoat?

So I was off on one of my many pixellated adventures around Azeroth (the planet of World of Warcraft, for you non geeks), and you'll never guess who I found.


Yep. Turns out, Jill was a purple squid-faced space goat sitting next to a wanted poster in Nagrand. Made me feel all giggly inside.

I have also learned that the zombies like infecting all the important people (flight master, quest givers, and the like) in the only major city in Outland. *poutpout* How'm I supposed to get anywhere when my gryphon taxi wants to eat my brains?

HOWEVER...I did spend the majority of the day watching V for Vendetta, which is a good movie.

That's all for now. ^^

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