Thursday, October 30, 2008

No candies?

My bus broke down today. After learning this, my first thought was "Oh frabjous," which got the poem Jabberwocky stuck in my head (The jaws that bite, the claws that catch...). The ordeal was actually not so bad. We waited for about a half hour, another bus came, we got home, ta da.

HOWEVER...This second bus smelled like rotten lemon Pine Sol. I'm not sure if Pine Sol can rot, or comes in lemon scented, but if it could/does, it would smell like this bus. By the time I got home, the scent of horror had clung to my clothes and I had to change. Arg. I am now contemplating taking a shower, weighing the loss of bad scent against my laziness. I think the laziness is winning.

I also realized, on this bus trip of lemon-rot, that Halloween is tomorrow! Yay! Unfortunately, this reminded me I have no costume. :(
We have two bags of candy at my house. :(
One of them is candy corn and almost gone now. :(
I can't go trick or treating without a costume, which means no more candy for Casey. D: !!!

What good is Halloween without candy? I want to rot my teeth/brains out with massive amounts of sugar, for this is the point of the year's most sacred holiday! Blasphemy, I  say! Blasphemy!

I want my candy.

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