Monday, November 3, 2008


I swear my web design teacher must love tables. We've been working on them for about a week and a half now. A WEEK AND A HALF! For tables! I pity the pour soul who hasn't learned these by now!!

And, so of course my teacher (we shall call her Ms. Connell), has decided to give us yet another simple table assignment. We must make a list of hex codes and their names, and such. This is easy. This would be fine, except that for some unfathomable reason, I FLIPPING HATE TABLES. Something about them spurs my laziness unlike any other force I have ever encountered (except maybe nagging). Ms. Connell says table, and I no longer want to work. I have been copying and pasting for the last week and a half! Please, for the love of all cheesecake let us do something else!!! D:

And while I'm ranting....

Alabaster. I admit, I do enjoy stone carving. There's nothing quite like beating your aggressions (like pent up ones from the day before against your otherwise-nice web design teacher) into rock dust flurry of will-soon-be-an-abstract-fwooshy-thing, however this would be much more enjoyable if:
-It weren't 7 in the morning.
-my arms didn't hurt tremendously afterwards due to an obvious lack of muscle.
-The guest artist hadn't left, taking all the forks with her!

By the way, there was a guest artist. She was teaching us how to carve stone. She took all the forks with her.


I actually did have a good weekend though. Mostly. Excluding the fact that I had to spend 8 hours in a hotel room "learning how to drive." I hardly remember any of the useful stuff we did in that room...

On Halloween, I went to my friend's house to hand out candy, for I had nothing else to do. She dressed up as a pirate and found a nifty Dark Priestess costume in her closet for me to wear. The little kids stopped coming around 8, and we went trick or treating for maybe a little longer than an hour. Why so little a time, you ask? Because that night, the temperature was in the 40's. Oh, yes. 40's. Walking around holding a grocery bag full of candy in paper thin package-claims-it's-velvet does not generally work out so well in these temperatures.
And then I got home to discover Hunter had gone out for two hours or more and filled his entire backpack without wearing a costume. He will not share. >.>

I will make him share.
I will also learn how to drive.
...These will likely happen around the same time. (Never? Maybe.)

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