Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hi ho, yardwork!

It's 5:26, and today is turning out pretty good. Pretty nearly amazingly awesome, actually.

-7:22 (Don't ask how I remembered that): Wake up. I can breathe! Partially.
-Some point after 7:22: Dad comes home, bearing donuts, cinnamon rolls, and cough medicine. Hurrah!
-After that: I log onto World of Warcraft, and get 2000 gold! And then spend about 50 on pretty robes and a pet rabbit.

And then...(wait for it)...I, black-thumbed, self proclaimed Queen of Geeks, who has killed even cacti (Accidentally. Really.), planted flowers! Oh, yes. I arranged them all pretty and such, made friends with the many spiders in the flower pots, and froze various limbs off. I'm still waiting for the feeling to come back into my fingers, which is a very odd sensation when trying to type. Now, whether the flowers live or not is yet to be seen, but for now I can successfully say that I have not caused immediately-noticeable irreparable harm.


And now, I'm looking forward to pie and Moose Munch cookies. The former is sitting tauntingly on the stove, and the latter currently baking and filling the house with its smell of tastiness.

Now, if only I could feel my fingers and toes...

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Katie Rose said...

keep them watered and warm! once I had a black thumb too, but now all my stuff lives and grows, if you can believe it.

Water + Sunlight - Freezing temperatures = plants.

Sadly, for a long time, I was too retarded to know this.