Monday, November 10, 2008


Those who play WoW will recognize this glorious sound. In game, the sound is actually more of a fwrrrl accompanied with a yellow column of celebratory fwoosh, but the meaning is pretty much the same.

I have leveled to 70!
All hail me. Forget that the level cap is raised to 80 on Wednesday. It is lies, you have been deceived. Northrend does not exist (Que flashy Men in Black light).

In other news, my French teacher has been piling on the homework assignments, which means I have also been playing my role in the world by forgetting about them completely. Coulda sworn we had nothing over the weekend. -.-

Alabaster update:
My stone is bruised! I didn't realize how deep the damage was until I started to file it. If I carve away all of the bruising, I'll lose the shape of the sculpture. Maybe I'll say it was on purpose. The deep scratchy lines add artistic merit. Yeah.  Did I mention it's going to be shown at Sculpture in the South?

For some reason, I am now craving pie and cranberry juice...

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