Saturday, November 15, 2008

Snacky Foods

That last post of mine got me wondering what my other comfort snacks are. I'm also sick with the world's worst throat cold, so I could definitely use a few of them (too bad I don't have most of them), and I just saw the Harry & David gift catalogue, so I'm definitely thinking about food.

Here's my list:

-Lime Jello. If I'm too impatient, the warm not-yet-Jello is also good.
-Peanut butter toast. Among other things, its one of the few snacks on this list I can make without screwing it up.
-Ramen. Chicken flavored, which is totally different from chicken noodle soup no matter what you say.
-Nachos, piled high with cheddar and microwaved until the cheese starts to crisp around the edge of the plate. Yum.
-Banana bread, with butter. For some reason, when you put butter on banana bread, there's this nutty flavor that wasn't there before.
-Warm, gooey, cover-my-face-with-chocolate chip cookies. Nuff said.
-Hot cocoa, not chocolate milk. There is a difference. Cocoa is thick, and cocoaey, and definitely chocolate.
-Tea, but not green tea. They all fill me up with warm fuzzies except green tea for some reason.
-Mint. Anything mint. Dunno why, but I love the stuff. I'll eat practically anything with mint. Maybe even tomatoes (yick), but that has yet to be tested.

Aaand, that's about all of them. I currently have some jello in the fridge, waiting another three hours until I can eat it. Hopefully it will be edible. Putting in two cups of water instead of one isn't that bad, right? Hopefully it won't be as bad as my infamous banana bread massacre.

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