Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Playing Around

It's 11:30 and everybody's settled in. Abby, Becca, and Kim are off doing whatever it is they do late at night. Kishma and I are doing homework in our room. Leslie is taking a shower in the bathroom across the hall.

All of a sudden, the general friend of the dorm, Meghan opens up our door and says, "Are you guys going to need to leave the room anytime soon?"

Why, we ask?

She holds up some rope.

"I'm trapping Leslie in the bathroom."

I may be dead tired and have an early class in the morning, but something tells me this will be worth staying up for.

Tee hee.

- - - - - -

So we wait for about ten minutes, and sure enough, we begin to hear a thunk....thunk, thunk.


"....Is there something wrong with the door?"

Thunk, thunk.

We let her out after about five minutes and everybody had a good laugh. Yay for random midnight pranks!

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