Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's the first day of Christmas break and I'm bored out of my mind. There's nothing to do around here (why do you think I usually play World of Warcraft all day?), and since I know my mom will suggest chores, I'll rephrase that. Nothing entertaining to do around here. Sitting around waiting for something to happen still trumps laundry, thank you.

I've read all my books at least three times each (and some of Hunter's twice), I've got writer's block so I can't try writing my 50-billionth one, I have artist's block too so drawing is useless, there's nothing on the TV except food network Christmas specials I watched two weeks ago and a Jeff Dunham show I already watched today, can't go anywhere with my friends because I have no way to get anywhere with my friends, and my friends on WoW are all enjoying the new content that comes with the expansion I don't have yet. Safe to say, there really is nothing (entertaining) to do except make fantastic run on sentences.

It's been about half a day and I'm already stir crazy. Can't it be Christmas already so I can at least enjoy the novelty of whatever I'm getting?! I need to go do things. Things does not include chores. There has to be something around here.

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