Monday, December 22, 2008

If you're ever down in Facebook, look me up.

The world as we know it may soon be over. My mom has discovered facebook. I think she likes it.

I have also discovered facebook. I think it's boring because I have no friends. She got friends up the wazoo instantly. What's going on here? I'm supposed to be the one who's all internet savvy. Me! Sniffle.

And while I'm on the streak of complaining (not really, but we'll say I am), it is three days from Christmas, and I have not seen a single cookie. I have seen a few cookie bars and some shortbread before my mom so generously took them to work, but so far it has been the winter without cookies, and that's just not how it's supposed to be.

No cocoa, either! We have Nesquik, which Hunter swears tastes like cocoa when heated (someone must've atom bombed his taste buds), but really tastes like chalk no matter what you do to it.

It's three days from Christmas, people! There is no cocoa, there are no cookies, very few candy canes, and I have participated in Christmas shopping only once. This year is strange...

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Katie Rose said...

Make some cookies girl! I know you can!